Securing a Levelling Up Fund for Burnley and Padiham

For too long we as a town have been forgotten and I have been consistently raising the exciting prospect of our Borough securing levelling up funding. This would allow us to bring together Burnley College, the Football Club, UCLan and many other businesses to create and deliver a vision for Burnley's future post Covid.

I stood on a promise to level up and am fighting day and night to make sure that is exactly what is delivered.

But where would you like to see investment? Let me know below:

Towns Fund

  • 1 Current Levelling Up Fund
  • 2 Investment
  • 3 Your details
A Levelling Up Fund would unleash million of pounds of government investment for Burnley and Padiham. Do you think this is needed?


A focus on Towns not Cities

Earlier this week the Chancellor announced the outcome of his Comprehensive Spending Review. The backdrop to this, as we all know, is an unprecedented economic situation.