My Plan for Burnley

Burnley deserves better than what it's had so far. For too long it has been represented in Westminster by MP's who have ignored the views of local residents. My plan puts Burnley and its surrounding areas, like Padiham, at its heart.

It prioritises getting the investment we need locally so high streets can be regenerated and local businesses thrive; supporting our public services through a growing economy; giving young people world class skills and education; and, most importantly, DELIVERING BREXIT


1. Delivering Brexit for Burnley

The choice at this election is clear - it's between me, someone who will finally follow-through on Burnley's decision and vote in parliament to leave the EU as soon as possible, or Julie Cooper who has voted consistently against leaving, and consistently to bind the government into getting unwanted extensions. 

And I believe Burnley's future after Brexit is bright. By opening up the UK to the world, securing new free trade agreements with friends and allies, we have a real opportunity to build on Burnley's strengths. Supporting local manufacturers as they explore new markets, creating high quality jobs and extra opportunities. 


2. Putting extra investment into vital public services

As the economy grows so can investment into the public services we all rely on every day. That's why I'm committed to supporting Boris Johnson on our pledge to recruit 20,000 new police officers, ensuring we get out fair share for Lancashire Police; investing in the NHS, including Burnley Hospital; and increasing schools funding locally. 


3. Bringing the Northern Powerhouse to Burnley

It's time to expand the Northern Powerhouse from the regional cities into our town's. Since it was launched by the Conservatives the Northern Powerhouse has made fantastic progress in improving infrastructure, driving investment and bringing areas together so the North can compete on the world stage. And it's time those benefits came to Burnley too. 

Working with the Northern Powerhouse and Government I'll ensure that local infrastructure keeps pace with the local economy, so success doesn't result in congested roads. I'll ensure we deliver on the pledge for super-fast broadband so Burnley can be at the cutting edge of digital start-ups. And I will bring together the public and private sector so we make Burnley a high-tech manufacturing centre. 


4. Turn Burnley into the North West leader in technology education

The world is changing rapidly and I am committed to ensuring that our young people have the skills they need to lead the world in the 21st century. That means greater technology education so that the best place to launch a digital start-up, or high-tech manufacturing business, is here in Burnley.