Antony Higginbotham MP to host Burnley’s first Facebook Live Surgery Q&A

During the Covid-19 outbreak I've been unable to conduct face to face surgeries and so am running a live question and answers session on Facebook at 6pm this coming Thursday. Questions are already being submitted on my Facebook page which can be found by searching ‘Antony Higginbotham MP’.

If you have any questions you would like to ask, or want to hear the answers to what others have asked, then tune in at 6pm this Thursday.

I am receiving quite a number of emails and letters asking about various topics surrounding Covid-19. I understand people are concerned about a whole host of issues and wanted to speak to them directly as I’m unable to meet face to face.

So with that in mind I thought I could do something new for Burnley and have a live online Q&A. We’re all having to make adaptions during this time, and use technology more, and this is a good tool I can use to keep the town updated.

The session will cover issues relating to the help available for individuals, businesses, vulnerable people, including their carers and bulk buying concerns. Everybody who can is encouraged to participate as pre-submitted questions will be answered, along with live questions on the night.

A recording will also be posted on my Facebook page for anyone who misses it.