Antony Higginbotham volunteers at the Stave Hill Ecology Park

Today Antony has been busy at the Stave Hill Ecology Park in London’s Canada Water. Whilst at the park Antony helped to build a new water reclamation system, putting together the wall required and landscaping the area to ensure that it offers not only a big utility for the park, but is also a great area for local families to enjoy.  

Commenting on the day, Antony said:

“Stave Hill Ecology Park is a fantastic resource for local families and demonstrates the very best of recycling and care for the environment. 

It was also great to see local school children visiting the site whilst I was there, learning about wildlife and the environment in a setting that many would think did not exist in central London.”

Once finished, the water reclamation system will help the park become even more sustainable, taking rain water and filtering it through natural sources until its safe to use and drink.