The campaign begins

I was delighted to launch our campaign today, in Burnley town centre, to finally deliver real change for Burnley and its surrounding areas. 

My main message to the people of Burnley and Padiham during this campaign will be clear - if you want Brexit delivered, so that we can move on to all those other areas we care about like public services, regeneration, and infrastructure, vote for me. A vote for any other party will only result in another hung parliament. 

And after years of a hung parliament and minority government, do we really want another. All it will bring is more indecision, more delays, and more inaction on all the other issues. 

The people of Burnley have been let down for far too long, represented in Parliament by an MP who has consistently voted against leaving the EU and failed to be a champion for Burnley in Parliament. I intend to fix both of those things. 

If you would like to get involved in our campaign, do get in touch either through Facebook, or this website. And please do follow our campaign activities through social media.