A Budget for Burnley

Given the current position with Coronavirus I wanted to use this week’s column to address the issue and give you the best possible update I can, based on the scientific and medical advice being issued.

Points Based Immigration System

In less than one year, for the first time in decades, the UK will have full control over who comes to this country and how our immigration system operates. This is a unique opportunity for us to craft an immigration system which is firm, fair and contributes to a strong economy.

International Women's Day

In anticipation of International Women's Day 👩‍🏫 Antony spoke in the chamber about the UK's proud history of championing 12 years of quality education 📚 for all girls 👧 around the world, projecting our values and ensuring free societies.

Setting up the Office

This week has been my first during a Parliamentary recess – a period where Parliament is not sitting in Westminster and MPs can head back to the constituency.

Flood Defences

Last week was tough for the people in Padiham and for those living near the bottom of Towneley as Storm Ciara hit causing bad flooding.

Padiham Flood Defences

Last weeks storm ⛈️ only goes to demonstrate how the flood defences in Padiham need to happen as quickly as possible.

Rail Connectivity in Burnley

Following on from the Government's announcement on Northern Rail 🚞 Antony asked the Transport Minister what steps he is taking to improve rail connectivity in Burnley.

The Queen's Speech

This week in Parliament we passed the Queen’s Speech, which sets out the objectives that the Government has over the course of the Parliament and the bills it intends to introduce. And with Brexit now almost delivered (only a week to go!) it is important that we set the scene early on.