I'm working to ensure residents across Burnley & Padiham have access to world-class healthcare by securing a new radiology centre at Burnley Hospital, and ensuring everyone can access a GP appointment when they need one.

I'm working to support our NHS so residents have better local services when they need them.

  • My mission has always been a whole scale levelling up of healthcare provision in Burnley and Padiham. And in the time I’ve been your Member of Parliament I’ve worked with East Lancashire NHS Trust to secure two new endoscopy rooms, state-of-the-art breast cancer screening equipment, the introduction of surgical robots, and a strategy to improve emergency care.
  • We need to guarantee a long-term future for Burnley hospital through skills, increased diagnostics & investment. And that's exactly where my focus is.
  • Burnley has one of Lancashire's best maternity units. And I'm working with the Trust to build on this and make Burnley an even better place to raise a family.



Digital Healthcare Transformation

Earlier this week I met with the head of our local NHS Trust to discuss current levels of performance and how we need to continue to invest in Burnley Hospital to ensure it remains at the heart of our local healthcare.

Extra Nurses in Our Local NHS

Progress report published this week outlines timing and plans for achieving the milestone of 50,000 extra nurses within the NHS.
Extra nurses will help the NHS recover from the pandemic, tackle COVID backlogs and ensure it continues providing world-class care in the years to come.

Antony supports awareness day to close deadly cancer gap.

A quarter of cancers in the UK have an average five-year survival rate of just 16%. They are known as the less survivable cancers.
NHS data shows less survivable cancers are far more likely to be diagnosed in emergency settings yet early diagnosis is crucial for survival.