NHS Test & Trace is a Gamechanger

As anyone who has watched the daily briefings will have seen, we have now passed the peak of this virus across the country, including in the North West. With the curve flattened and the peak passed, we have started to see the number of new daily cases reduce.

Global Marketplace Awaits

This week the Trade Bill came to Parliament for its Second Reading; an important moment representing a major step on the UK’s journey to reclaim its role as an independent, global, trading nation – delivering on a pledge I made to you, and that this Government made to the country.  

Adapting to a new normal

We don’t know how long our battle against Coronavirus will go on for. The hunt for a vaccine is on with the whole world united in a common goal. And whilst some of the most promising trials are coming from our own scientists, even these will take time.

Today We Remember VE Day

Today marks 75 years since the end of the Second World War in Europe. And at 11am, all across the country, the nation will pause in solemn reflection. Remembering the sacrificies made by everyone who, through all the difficulties of war, came together in a monumental fight.

Our Exit from the EU cannot be delayed

Over the last 7 weeks I have devoted my weekly column to keeping you informed about the latest Coronavirus news, from outlining the support being made available to praising our public services. That has been not only important, but necessary.

Meat Consumption

An article appeared in the Daily Mail on the 16th April on plans by public sector caterers to reduce meat in their menus by 20% which they claim will help address climate change.  

I wanted to make my view clear:

Delivering what was promised

The speed at which Coronavirus has transformed our lives has been unprecedented, and that has had a significant impact on our local business community.

The Best of Burnley

Along with the rest of the country, I was shocked and saddened to hear the news earlier this week that the Prime Minister had been moved into Intensive Care due to his Coronavirus symptoms worsening. This is a stark reminder to all of us that this disease can affect any one of us.

Safety of all Workers is Key

This is a very difficult time for us all and as you can imagine I have received a substantial amount of correspondence on COVID-19, something which has meant working around the clock to get back to everybody who has contacted me.