Westminster News

Immigration Bill Passes Through Commons

MPs have this week approved a landmark immigration Bill which ends freedom of movement in the UK, ready for the introduction of a new points-based immigration system from January.

Antony throws weight behind Hong Kong

Yesterday the Chinese Government enacted draconian national security legislation which rides roughshod over the rights and freedoms guaranteed to Hong Kong when we handed it over in 1997.

Antony speaks up for Burnley in UK-EU negotiations

A free trade agreement with the EU is perfectly sensible - for both the UK and the EU. However in order to reach that position we need to see good will on both sides and a recognition that the UK is a sovereign nation - seeking free trade, not political union.

Antony Raises Support Available for Burnley and Padiham's High Streets

Burnley MP Antony Higginbotham secured a commitment from the Government to support the high street.

It means that Burnley will now be able to apply for part of the Towns Fund – an initiative set up to regenerate towns within the UK by providing funds for local projects.

Antony's take on the BLM Protests

Last week we saw the deeply shocking and upsetting scenes from the US with the death of George Floyd by a police officer. We saw as he struggled to breathe, subjected to the worst kind of treatment by one of the very people supposed to help keep him safe.

Antony backs calls to stamp out assault against first responders.

The biggest issue in tackling violence against first responders is the lack of evidence when bringing prosecutions. Antony asked the Solicitor General what steps are being taken to ensure to CPS has access to evidence, including providing emergency services with body cameras.

Burnley MP backs new immigration rules

The government’s immigration bill was voted through the House of Commons on Monday night paving the way for a new system for those coming to work and live in the UK from December 2020.