Deliver Padiham Flood Defences

Not only are flood defences a key priority for residents and businesses across Padiham, who have waited far too long for work on the flood defences to start, but it is also something I promised I would sort out when I first got elected.

We're now starting to see physical work commence and I hope we can make progress quickly.

Padiham Flood Defences

  • 1 Current Padiham Flood Defences
  • 2 Your details
Do you live or work in Padiham?
Have you or anybody you know in Padiham experienced flooding?
Have you ever received funding from the Government's Flood Resilience Grant for defences for your home / business?
What is your view (out of 10) on the length of time taken to deliver the scheme? (1 = unacceptable, 10 = excellent)
Antony has made it one of his key priorities to get the scheme delivered. How much of a difference do you think this has made?
Work has now begun on the scheme. Would you like to be kept updated on its progress?

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Secure greater government investment in our borough

If we are truly to level up and improve things for local people, we need to make sure we get our fair share of funding and investment. That means banging on the doors of Ministers and making sure we have the best possible bids for key projects and services.


Padiham Flood Defences and an update on Vaccinations

At the beginning of this week the Met Office issued an Amber alert across much of the country, with heavy rainfall expected, including in Burnley and Padiham. Storm Christoph, as it has been named, is also bringing with it the potential for flooding.

Antony Welcomes Funding for Padiham Flood Defences.

Communities across Padiham which were affected by flooding during the winter months will be better protected and more resilient in the future, after new funding was announced by the Government.

Flood Defences

Last week was tough for the people in Padiham and for those living near the bottom of Towneley as Storm Ciara hit causing bad flooding.